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Go Out to a Westlake Village Restaurant

Are you tired of going out to the same restaurants? Do you want to try something different, but something that you know will be good and worth the try? Why not try out The Mediterraneo a restaurant in Westlake Village? They have some delicious food for everyone in your group to try. You can get a full meal or just an appetizer. This does not have to be the place to go only if you are starving. Having a light meal here is just as good. You can find something you will love. This restaurant is also very accommodating if you have any food allergies just let your server know.


Finding a good Westlake Village restaurant can be difficult if you do not know the area. That is why we are here, to suggest The Mediterraneo to you. They have so many different types of food, that you really can find something to eat for everyone in your party. You can come back every week and find something you are willing to try. Bring your friends, bring a date, or bring your family on down to the Mediterraneo for a great night out of good food. You will be so happy that you did.


Dance at a Live Music Bar in Westlake Village

If you are tired of going to the same bar every single time, maybe try something new. Give your night out a little spice, and go to Bogie’s Bar, a bar in Westlake Village. This bar will give you the chance to broaden your horizons. Not only is this bar amazing with the drink and food selection, but this is also a bar that offers live music. We all know that a Westlake Village live music bar is amazing. It makes it so much more fun to have a live band playing than just listening to a playlist someone threw together. It gives the night excitement; it gives it fun.


You can even sometimes give in requests when there is live music. You can always check on their website to see when the live music will be playing and who will be the one playing it. It just adds an extra element to the night. Elevates your bar experience. With the live band changing each week it also just gives you another excuse to come out and experience even more.

Looking for a Westlake Village Happy Hour?

This year has been a whirlwind of crazy. The whole year has been a constant unknown. But not everything has to be an unknown. You can stick with Bogie’s Bar, because you know their quality will always be the best, and that they will always have a wonderful happy hour. Find the best happy hour at Bogie’s Bar a Westlake Village bar. They offer more than just drinks on their happy hour menu. They also offer different food dishes for their customers as well. This is a great opportunity for you to be able to come in and try things you weren’t sure if you would like or not. This time they are at a discounted price so you can feel like splurging on yourself and trying something different.


This could become the new hang out spot for you and your friends. To come out and enjoy a Westlake Village happy hour with no regrets. Giving you an excuse to see your friends more often. You can come out and enjoy the happy hour every week, or even every month if you have those friends who have such busy schedules. Be sure to give a go. You will not be sorry that you gave this bar a chance for your fun night out.

To Find the Best Happy Hour in Westlake Village

When you are living your day to day life things can get a little stressful. You have your work life balance you are trying to keep up with, but it is difficult with deadlines, relationships, kids, the whole lot. Financial times have also been tougher than ever, with businesses shutting down, people not going out as much, it is hard to make ends meet. But you do not want to be stuck at home all the time either. You want to spend time with your friends, you want to get out, you want to have fun. When you want to get out you can go to the Westlake Village bar, Bogie’s Bar. This bar will give you all sorts of options you are looking for.


When you are on a budget, simply because life is expensive you want to try out a happy hour option. At Bogie’s Bar they have one of the best Westlake Village happy hours. This gives you the chance to eat or drink your favorite things on the menu without having to pay full price. No one likes to pay full price for things, and why would you if you have a chance to head on over to a happy hour, where you can have good food at a lesser price. 

Checking out a Westlake Village Bar

If you love going to bars, but want a better atmosphere, then you have got to check out Bogie’s Bar as soon as you can! This is a bar that is one above the rest. A classy and elegant bar that still gives you all the features you love about going out. It’s still a club atmosphere at Bogie’s Bar a bar in Westlake Village, but it is clean and not scary. They have food, but it is good food, food that is worth eating and you can get a full meal if that is what you are after. One of the best features about this Westlake Village bar is that this place often has live music. Who doesn’t love listening to some live music while enjoying a drink?


Now the main part of a bar, the drinks. You tend to go to bars for the drinking and the dancing. Well this bar has a full service bar full of any drink you could imagine. This is the place to go if you have been wanting to try something but just have not had the chance to, or did not want to buy a full bottle of something just to try. They also offer a bottle service if you are feeling fancy.

A Fantastic Happy Hour in Westlake Village

The thing about most happy hours is that they are not very special. They have the same food at just a smaller discount that really is not worth it. Or drinks that are barely cheaper than what they would be and are almost all mixer and barely any alcohol. You do not have to worry about that at this Westlake Village happy hour. The Mediterraneo is a restaurant in Westlake Village that gives you the opportunity to fully enjoy a happy hour. They offer actual discounts on their food and do not water down their drinks. They want their guests to have the best experience and therefore offer a fantastic happy hour.


When most people are looking for a happy hour they want the best of both worlds, cheaper food and drinks. That is what happy hours should be about. Spend your evening at the Westlake Village restaurant, The Mediterraneo to get the best happy hour in the area. They want you to have a great time when you come in to their happy hour and will do what it takes. They still offer some of their best menu options on their happy hour menus.

Go to The Best Westlake Village Bar

Finding a good bar to go to can be tough. Some places are too loud, others too dirty, and at some bars the food just is not very good. If you want a clear, normal volume bar with good food, then you need to check out Bogie’s Bar a Westlake Village bar that has everything you could want in a nice bar. This bar makes it so you never have to settle. You can get everything you want from a bar in one nice place. You will not be shouting from across the table in hopes that your friend just might here you. You will not have to be eating before you go out, because the food at this bar is delicious. You just might come back to this Westlake Village bar just for the food! It has a great atmosphere that we are sure you will love.


Bogie’s Bar is attached to the Westlake Village Inn properties so you know that the standards for this bar are high, and ones that you will accept. The food and drink quality is very high. You will not regret coming out to this magical bar. If you like live music, this place even offers some nights with live music. You can check out which days on their website.


Find a Happy Hour in Westlake Village.

If you are needing to get out with your friends but also do not want to make your wallet sad, then you should look into finding a happy hour. Happy hours are a great way to spend less money but get some great food and drinks. The Mediterraneo are a Westlake Village located restaurant that offers one of the best happy hours in the area. They are not like some places that create a whole new menu where you only get to choose from items that aren’t on the regular menu, or drinks are only a couple cents cheaper. This Westlake Village happy hour is here to give you something different.


Their happy hour menu features items that are on their regular menu at a discounted price. They also offer drinks discounted too. It is a really great way for you to come out and try a bunch of new drinks or dishes without having to go through your entire paycheck. Who would not want to try discounted food? This is something that is loved by everyone. Check out this fantastic happy hour in the Westlake Village area.

Best Westlake Village Wedding Venues

Have your special day be even more special by having it at the Westlake Village hotel Westlake Village Inn. They want to do everything they can to make sure that your wedding goes off without a hitch. They want you have a beautiful ceremony and elegant reception; both can be held at the resort. They have beautiful wedding archways covered in your beautiful flowers. Amazing arbors for you to get married under with delicious caterers to feed your guests.


Especially if you want your Westlake Village wedding venue to be the destination of your wedding weekend. Fill the weekend with fun wedding related activities that can all be done at the resort itself. You wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. You could eat, drink, and sleep all at the resort. Enjoy the pool, yoga, and spa all while you get ready to say yes to the man of your dreams.

Best Wine Club in Westlake Village

There tend to be two different types of wine drinkers. In that group it gets broken up even more, but the main two types of wine drinkers are those who are stuck on their very specific wine brands, bottles, and taste and will not stray from their absolute favorites. And the second type of wine drinker out there is the adventurous kind. The kind who loves to try new wines., try different blends, different colors, bottles, and brands. If you are an adventurous wine lover, then you need to be a part of the Westlake Village wine club.


The wine club gives an array of benefits you can get wine by the month or twice a month and you can get three to six bottles at a time. You can mix and match or you can stick to just one color of wine. The choice is yours and you get so many benefits on top it as well. You get a membership glass, access to limited wines, and even a monthly social gathering with a delicious wine tasting and light appetizers. The Stonehaus are a café located in Westlake Village, who also offer some amazing wines and an adorable wine club.