Mediterraneo for the best Catering in westlake village.

Our approach to catering for your party in Westlake Village is simple: whatever you need we can supply. Given the deep concerns many Hertfordshire couples have about party costs we understand you want to budget effectively. Our approach to Catering allows you to get as much as you need from one source to help keep your costs down. And most importantly enjoying your Party Day celebrations.

On the practical side our positioning to the county of Westlake Village means we can organize just about everything for your Party. Where necessary we bring tables, chairs, decorations, crockery, cutlery and glassware. And of course we bring those essential elements of any party caterer, our professional staff, AND the menu of your choice. With great flexibility we can set-up at any venue you have chosen – assuming all practical considerations have been accounted for.

Taking account of the preparation and set-up time alone for any party banquet or breakfast you may find our services a great relief. With a no corkage policy this means that if you do decide to buy your own wine we will serve it to you for free. Alternatively our own extensive wine cellar does offer keen pricing for party day drinks. And it comes to you rather than you having to go and buy it.

But we don't just want you to take our word for it. Our policy is for you to talk to some recent customers and to ask them about their experience of our catering services. So please get in touch for more information on our special Westlake Village Catering Services.

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Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome

The Equine gastric ulcer syndrome is a lesion that occurs in the lining of a horse’s stomach. It is a common cause of colic and decreased performance in horses. This condition forms ulcers in the mucosa of the stomach of a horse, resulting in weight loss, behavioral changes, decreased appetite and pain. Apart from acid, stress, and bacteria which are believed to be the cause of this condition, it can also result due to other various conditions compromising with the stomach lining which include:
1. Acids in they produce in their stomach can lead to damage when the stomach remains empty for long.
2. They can easily consume parasites like botflies eggs which can result to larvae in their stomach and create pits that may result to ulcers on contact with the stomach acid.

Reduce the risk of Equine gastric ulcers syndrome
The SnyNutra Equine Company believes that by mimicking nature in feeding horses and ensuring that you take the steps towards ensuring their digestive systems stay healthy, the risk of equine gastric ulcer syndrome can be greatly reduced.

Humerus fractures in horses

Humerus fractures are not common is horses as the require a huge amount of force to fracture this short and thick bone. This bone is located between the shoulder and elbow joint. The main reason for this fracture is a kick or fall, although some horses suffer stress fractures on the humerus due to racing. The kick causes the horse to jump with a big impact this makes the to skin slit which causes the fracture. The signs of his fracture is a lot of lameness and the tissues become swollen. Minimal would can be used to treat the wound to remove dead tissues, but antibiotics and wound care was the most method in treating this fractures. The next is treatment is very risk cause the horse will have to go through a surgery if the fracture is very bad. The stay in the hospital could range from 7-19 days. The horse lameness should improve over 48 hours. The total recovery should be about 7 weeks. If you need medicine contact SynNutra Equine to help your horse.