Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome

The Equine gastric ulcer syndrome is a lesion that occurs in the lining of a horse’s stomach. It is a common cause of colic and decreased performance in horses. This condition forms ulcers in the mucosa of the stomach of a horse, resulting in weight loss, behavioral changes, decreased appetite and pain. Apart from acid, stress, and bacteria which are believed to be the cause of this condition, it can also result due to other various conditions compromising with the stomach lining which include:
1. Acids in they produce in their stomach can lead to damage when the stomach remains empty for long.
2. They can easily consume parasites like botflies eggs which can result to larvae in their stomach and create pits that may result to ulcers on contact with the stomach acid.

Reduce the risk of Equine gastric ulcers syndrome
The SnyNutra Equine Company believes that by mimicking nature in feeding horses and ensuring that you take the steps towards ensuring their digestive systems stay healthy, the risk of equine gastric ulcer syndrome can be greatly reduced.