Best Wine Club in Westlake Village

There tend to be two different types of wine drinkers. In that group it gets broken up even more, but the main two types of wine drinkers are those who are stuck on their very specific wine brands, bottles, and taste and will not stray from their absolute favorites. And the second type of wine drinker out there is the adventurous kind. The kind who loves to try new wines., try different blends, different colors, bottles, and brands. If you are an adventurous wine lover, then you need to be a part of the Westlake Village wine club.


The wine club gives an array of benefits you can get wine by the month or twice a month and you can get three to six bottles at a time. You can mix and match or you can stick to just one color of wine. The choice is yours and you get so many benefits on top it as well. You get a membership glass, access to limited wines, and even a monthly social gathering with a delicious wine tasting and light appetizers. The Stonehaus are a café located in Westlake Village, who also offer some amazing wines and an adorable wine club.